About Us



Today there are so many people on restricted diets that it’s hard to find one product that everyone can enjoy.  Some people are following a vegan diet or are dairy intolerant. Others can’t have any refined sugar or need a low glycemic sweetener.  Some people can’t have soy lecithin or gluten in their diets.  Most chocolate that tastes good isn’t necessarily good for you.  It is full of dairy, refined sugar, soy lecithin, and may contain gluten.  Chocolate that is good for you tends be hard and bitter.  Cocacao is chocolate good for every body!

Cocacao is a coconut and cacao confection made from three organic ingredients: organic virgin coconut oil, organic coconut nectar, and organic cacao powder.  It is vegan, gluten-free, paleo, diabetic friendly, keto friendly, and soy free.  But most of all it is delicious!  It is a dark chocolate and coconut experience.  This is the original flavor.  We have added dried organic blueberries, organic mint oil, and organic roasted hazelnuts and sea salt, to make a total of four flavors.

Michele and Jeff Davis started Cocacao after beginning a new marriage. Jeff wanted a product that everyone could enjoy, and Michele wanted a company where working moms could be helped.  She was a working mom and understands the difficulty of balancing both working and being involved with your kids. Together they are building a company that can do both!