Vegan • Gluten Free • Paleo


Our Original Cocacao is made with only THREE Organic Ingredients; Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut Nectar, and Organic Cacao Powder. As it slowly melts in your mouth, you'll understand why we say it's "A Dark 'Chocolate' and Coconut Experience." order now
Vegan • Gluten Free • Paleo

Cocacao with Mint

Ready for the best after dinner chocolate mint you've ever had? Try our Cocacao with premium organic mint oil. Order now
Vegan • Gluten Free • Paleo

Cocacao WIth Hazelnuts and Sea Salt

We've added organic roasted hazelnuts and Jacobsen Sea Salt to our original Cocacao, making for a chocolate and nut lover's favorite! Order Now
Vegan • Gluten Free • Paleo

Cocacao with Blueberries

Premium, chewy, organic dried blueberries (no added sugar), paired with our silky, smooth Cocacao. Order now

Vegan • Gluten-Free • Paleo

cocacao (box)

Available in select retail locations. Found in the refrigerated section of stores, our boxes have 12 pre-portioned, ready to eat pieces.

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